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Goula Economou

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Photo by Elsa Westreicher

Goula Economou was born in the City of London Maternity Hospital in Hanley Road in 1963. She runs Michael’s Fruiterers at 56-58 Seven Sisters Road with her husband Michael, who set up the shop in 1991.

“My family used to live in a little road called Wyatt Road. It was so nice. My parents never used to worry about anything happening to us. All of the children in the street used to play together. There were only three cars in the whole road so it was empty and there was no problem playing out. Everyone knew each other and everyone used to get on. I remember when Arsenal won the FA cup we had a big street party and when it was the Silver Jubilee we had another big street party. That’s stayed in my mind.”

“Our shop produce is from all over the world, it depends on the climate and the time of year. Like in August you have to get lemons from Brazil because there are none in Spain, Argentina or England. We cater for every community, because there are so many communities in the area now. There’s been a major change in the past 10 years but I think the fact that we cater for all nationalities is why we’re still here. If we only catered for one client it just wouldn’t work. Originally we used to sell a lot of Greek produce but now we aim to sell more English produce to help the economy and because the stuff doesn’t have to travel as far it’s much fresher.”

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