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Patrick Eve

Patrick Eve was born in Hampstead in 1949. He worked as Senior Lecturer in Maths Education in the Tower Building at London Metropolitan University from 1996 until he retired in 2012 and has lived on...

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Mary Wash

Mary Wash was born in her family home on Dalmeny Road in 1949. In 1992 she moved to Northview on Tufnell Park Road with her parents, where she now lives alone. Mary began work at the age of 16 and...

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Martin Murray

Martin Murray was born in 1962 near Woolwich. He began working at the University of North London in 1996 teaching English Literature, Philosophy and Media and Cultural Studies. In 2002 the University...

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Lillian Cawkell

Lillian Cawkell was born in the City of London in 1924. She has lived on Mayton Street since the 1940s, first with her parents and later with her husband and three children. She was working nearby...

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Jonathan Selby

Jonathan Selby was born in 1972 in Stoke Newington. He has worked at Autoparts at 84 Holloway Road, a family-run business, since he was 11. “Holloway Road has changed a lot. We’ve been...

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John Scott & Charlotte Scott

John Scott was born in 1961 in the Whittington Hospital. He has run a stall at the Grafton School Market since 1998. John’s daughter Charlotte was born in 1991 in the Royal Free Hospital in...

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John Roe

John Roe was born in 1949 in Hackney. He has worked as a property surveying consultant at Drivers and Norris estate agents, 407-409 Holloway Road, since 2002 and became Vice President of the...

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Joei Silvester

Joei Silvester was born at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead in 1987 and has lived on Kingsdown Road since he was three years old. He is the Creative Director of The Lovebuzz Project – a...

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Jeremy Deller

Jeremy Deller was born in 1966 in Southwark and has lived on Holloway Road since 2003. He studied Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art and won the Turner Prize in 2004 for his installation...

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Jan Tucker

Jan Tucker was born in Archway in 1950 and lives in St. John’s Grove. She has been the bookkeeper for Absolute Print at 50 Junction Road since 2008 and also holds a number of different...

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Fernanda Sumray

Fernanda Sumray was born in 2001 in her house on Horsell Road. She goes to Drayton Park Primary School just off Holloway Road. “I’ve always lived in Holloway. I was literally born in my...

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Stephanie Smith

Stephanie was born in Hammersmith in 1965 and has lived in Archway since 1996. She has been the manager of Archway Market, which runs on Thursdays and Saturdays on the junction between Holloway Road...

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Born and Bred on BBC Radio London

On 26 September 2012, Born and Bred featured on The Robert Elms Show in a programme focusing on Holloway Road. Listen to a clip with Rowan Arts Director Ruth Robinson and project participant Amy...

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Sampson Sampson

Barber and martial arts expert Sampson Sampson was born in 1960 in a small village near Larnaca, Cyprus, and came to Islington at the age of 11. He runs Sampson’s Cuts at 56 Holloway Road,...

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James Gray & Louise Vincent

Louise Vincent was born in the Whittington Hospital in 1951. She grew up on Melgund Road and later in Thane Villas. A former secondary school teacher, she is now retired, and lives on Chambers Road...

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Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth Sullivan was born in Hackney in 1991 and has lived in Penn Road, just off Holloway Road, since 1997. She has worked as a beauty therapist at Beautiful, 639 Holloway Road, since 2010....

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Kenneth Howard

Ken Howard was born in 1937 in the Mile End Hospital in East London. He is the owner of Thomas Judd Memorials at 123 Holloway Road, which he bought in 1972. “Since buying Thomas Judd I find I...

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Harry Hare

Harry Hare was born in 1974 in Highbury. He lived in the area for 35 years before moving to Hertfordshire in 2010. Harry has worked as a curator at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art at...

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Mathew Dickinson

Mathew Dickinson was born in 1967 in Barnet and set up Mathew Dickinson Flowers, based in the Clarendon Buildings in Lower Holloway, in 2002. Mathew’s business has provided flowers for...

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Amy Smith

Amy Smith was born in 1980 on a sofa in her family home on Caedman Road. She has lived in the area for most of her life and now lives in Finsbury Park with her wife and their dog Dino. Amy’s...

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Eleanor Pearce

Eleanor Pearce was born in University College Hospital in Camden in 1979. She has been the Director of Visual Art at Islington Arts Factory since 2006. She first started going to the centre at the...

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Chris Joseph

Chris Joseph was born in the Whittington Hospital and grew up on Beaumont Rise after her parents came to England from the Caribbean. She attended Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Junior...

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Chris Coates

Chris Coates was born in Neasden in 1948. She has worked for the Trades Union Congress since 1967 and has been their Librarian since 1971. The TUC Library Collections relocated to the London...

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Tony Sandell

Tony Sandell was born in Holloway in 1939 and grew up on Sussex Way, just off Holloway Road. He has worked at the Arsenal Museum in the Northern Triangle Building at Emirates Stadium since 2006....

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Goula Economou

Goula Economou was born in the City of London Maternity Hospital in Hanley Road in 1963. She runs Michael’s Fruiterers at 56-58 Seven Sisters Road with her husband Michael, who set up the shop...

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Theresa Coyle

Theresa Coyle was born in 1963 on Marlborough Road after her parents moved from Ireland in the late 1950s. She lived on the Six Acres Estate for over 30 years. Theresa was board chairwoman of Homes...

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Alan Bloxham

Alan Bloxham was born in Camden in 1944. He is the Chair of Govenors at Grafton Primary School and has overseen the Grafton School Market (sometimes known as the Holloway Car Boot Sale), which takes...

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Ellie Rowsell and Sadie Cleary

Ellie Rowsell was born in July 1992 in the Whittington Hospital and has lived on Tollington Way, near Holloway Road, her whole life. Sadie Cleary was born in November 1992 and grew up just off...

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Vinay Chohan

Vinay Chohan was born in Redbridge in 1983 and is the owner of Vinay’s Shoe Care at 760b Holloway Road, which was bought for him by his father for his 23rd birthday in 2007. “You always...

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David Brett

David Brett was born in 1971 in St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in the City of London. He owns David Andrew Estates Agents, which has offices in Stroud Green, Highbury and at 671 Holloway Road....

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Hak Husein

Hak Huseyin was born in the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital on Euston Road in 1970. He established design and print shop Absolute Print at 50 Junction Road in Archway in 1996. “When we...

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Laurence Evans

Laurence Evans was born in the Whittington Hospital in 1952. He lived first on Poynings Road and then moved to Caledonian Road where he has lived since 1962. He has volunteered at Second Chance...

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Clare Furey

Clare Furey was born in 1962 and grew up on St. Mary’s Grove in Canonbury. She is the general manager of Scarabeus, a theatre company based in Hargrave Park Primary School and lives in...

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Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey was born in 1965 in the City of London Maternity Hospital in Islington.He owns Bookbinders of London Ltd. at 11 Ronald’s Road, which was started by his great-grandfather in the...

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Beckett Vester

Beckett Vester was born in 1978 in Hammersmith. He moved to Kentish Town when he was four years old. He has worked as a fundraiser for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at 162 Holloway Road since...

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Samir Singh

Samir Singh was born in 1981 in Highbury to parents who came to the UK from East Africa in the 1970s. Since 2005 he has worked for Arsenal Football Club, where he helped set up the Club museum as...

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Gary Heather

Gary Heather was born in 1953 in Belsize Park and grew up in Grafton Road in Kentish Town. He has lived in Mayton Street since 1979. He worked at British Telecom, which led to him joining a trade...

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Alexandra Gray

Alexandra Gray, known to many of her friends as Wednesday, was born in 1982 in her parents’ house on Chambers Road, where she grew up. She is a professional singer and yoga instructor in London...

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Caroline Jones

Caroline was born in Hampstead in 1949. She lived in Australia for 20 years prior to moving into the house her father owned on Windsor Road in 1998. She is a theatre, events and carnival designer and...

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Sharon Sliney

Sharon was born on Liverpool Road in 1960, not long after her parents moved to London. She has worked at Manor Gardens Pre-School in Manor Gardens Centre since 1980, which she used to attend as a...

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Harry Hedges

Harry Hedges was born in 1930 on Caledonian Road. He worked for Islington Council as a roofer until he retired in 1995, and lives on Sussex Way. “To have a bath once a week we used to go down...

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Caitlin Davies

Caitlin Davies was born in 1964 near Hampstead Heath. She lived in Botswana, southern Africa, for 12 years before returning to London in 2002. She lives in Upper Holloway and works as a writer,...

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Phil Overhead

Phil Overhead was born in Kentish Town in 1951 and first moved to Holloway in 1980 where he lived at 525 Holloway Road. He worked as an electrician before becoming a professional...

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Marian Spall

Marian Spall was born in the Whittington Hospital in 1949 and grew up on Hertslet Road. She is an Islington Councillor and also founded the Andover Youth and Community Trust in 1998. “I lived...

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Helen Saunders

Helen was born in 1958. Her mother was unmarried so although she lived on Bredgar Road, near Holloway Road, she was sent away to Bournemouth to give birth. She returned with Helen a couple of days...

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June Dove

June Dove was born in 1926 in Finsbury Park. She was evacuated at the outbreak of World War II and returned to London at the age of 16. She worked for the Inland Revenue before marrying in 1957 and...

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Theresa Kiyota Rahman de Swiet

Theresa Kiyota Rahman de Swiet is half Japanese, half Bangladeshi and was born in Hillingdon in 1971. She came to live near Holloway Road when she moved in with her husband in 2004. They later...

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Edward Quigley

Edward Quigley was born in 1977 in the Whittington Hospital and has lived on Georges Road in Holloway his whole life. He has worked at Drivers and Norris estate agents and London Metropolitan...

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George Bartlett

George Bartlett was born in Dalston in 1946. He was the owner of Bartlett’s Hi-Fi at 175-177 Holloway Road up until his death in June 2012. The shop was opened by his father in 1958 and George...

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Alexandra Booij

Alexandra Booij was born in Holloway in 1972 and grew up on Sussex Way, just off Seven Sisters Road. She worked at London Metropolitan University from 1997 to 2001 as the Open Language...

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Stella Michael

Stella Michael is a business consultant, artist and interfaith minister. She was born in Sydney Australia in 1965, and has lived on Junction Road since 1999. “If you just look around the area...

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Jay Sharma

Jay Sharma was born in 1960 in the Malaysian island of Penang. He came to the UK in 1977, and has lived in Cromartie Road, near Archway, since 1993. “I was born in an island that by chance...

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Hadass Armon

Hadass Armon was born in Haifa, Israel in 1967. In 2005 Hadass and her partner established Studio LaDanza, a dance school and venue at 89 Holloway Road. “I can’t remember my first...

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Narendra Mehta

Therapist, masseur and community worker Narendra Mehta was born in Gujarat in 1947 and brought up in Mumbai, India. He opened his clinic, the London Centre of Indian Champissage (head massage), at...

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Peter Hall

Peter Hall was born in Glyn-Neath, Wales in 1964. Since 2003 he has worked at Freightliners Farm, a two-acre city farm near the Holloway Road. The farm is a community project that provides an...

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Kevin Molloy

Kevin Molloy was born in Ormskirk, near Liverpool, in 1980. He is the manager of Blackwell University Bookshop at 158 Holloway Road. “I like the diversity of Holloway Road, there are so many...

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Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is the academic leader for English Literature, Creative and Professional Writing and Journalism at London Metropolitan University. He was born in 1945 in Sedgefield and grew up in...

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Luis Torres

Luis Torres was born in Alausi, Ecuador, in 1950 and arrived in London in 1980. In 1997 he opened his own restaurant, El Rincon Quiteñ o, at 235 Holloway Road. “All the people [in the...

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Ali Gul Karagoz

Ali Gul Karagoz was born in 1976 in Elbistan, in the Kurdish area of south east Turkey. He has run the Titanic Café, 306 Holloway Road, since 2000. “When I was young, my family was poor....

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Charles Hewitt

Charles Hewitt was born in South Shields in 1934 and came to London to live with his mum when he was 12. He moved to Holloway when he was 23, and now lives in Hillmarton Road. “I used to do a...

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Danny Simani

Danny Simani was born in Babol, Iran in 1947. He came to Islington in 1975 and currently lives on Hilldrop Road. “I had to go into hiding, and eventually I was told to go out of the country, so...

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Angela Reith

Musician Angela Reith was born in 1952 in Chilcompton, Somerset and lived in various places during her childhood, including several years in what was then Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. She moved...

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Benjamin Jacobs

Benjamin Jacobs was born in 1956 in Johannesburg, South Africa, where his family was involved in the anti-apartheid movement. He came to the UK in 1994 and set up his own optometric practice, Eye...

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Desmond Riley

Desmond Riley was born in St Kitts in the West Indies in 1960 and came to Islington with his family as a young boy. He founded Islington Link Up, a project for the Afro-Caribbean community based on...

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Andrew Turnock

Andrew Turnock was born in Leicester in 1970. He was deputy headteacher at Grafton Primary School from 2000 until 2009, when he became headteacher at Hugh Myddleton Primary School. “A lot of me...

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Jose de Freitas

Jose de Freitas was born in Madeira in 1967, one of thirteen brothers and sisters. He came to London when he was 13, and he and his wife now run El Molino, a Spanish restaurant situated at 379...

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Harry Spiro

Harry Spiro was born in Poland in 1929. He was brought to England at the age of 15 with a group of Jewish children who survived the Nazi concentration camps. He has lived and worked in Holloway Road...

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Veronica Rochester

Veronica Rochester was born in Gloucester in 1964 and moved to London when she was 19. In 1998 she responded to an advert for a receptionist at the Holloway Dental Surgery, 405-407 Holloway Road. She...

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Frank van der Wens

Frank van der Wens was born in 1961 in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands. He came to the UK at the age of 20, and in 1985 opened a flower and plant shop, Impulse Flowers, at 415-417 Holloway...

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Laila Conteh

Laila Conteh was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1953. She came to London when civil war broke out in Sierra Leone in the early 1990s, and has worked at the Holloway Odeon since 1992. “There...

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Paul Roseby

Paul Roseby is the artistic director of the National Youth Theatre, based at 443-445 Holloway Road. Born in Essex in 1966, he grew up in Norfolk and came to London at the age of 17. “The...

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Harry Leckstein

Harry Leckstein was born in Edinburgh in 1969. He has lived in the Beaux Arts Building, Manor Gardens, since 1999. “I was having a beer on the roof of this building and looking down into that...

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James Craggs

Police Constable James Craggs was born in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, in 1954. He has been stationed at Holloway Police Station, 284 Hornsey Road, since he joined the force in 1982. “I remember...

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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn was born in Chippenham, Wiltshire in 1949, and moved to Shropshire at the age of 7. When he was 20 he came to London to study, and was elected MP for Islington North in 1983. “I...

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Andrew Turton

A retired anthropologist, Andrew Turton was born in Bristol in 1938. He has lived in Tavistock Terrace off Holloway Road since 1981. “Tavistock Terrace is a bit of a one-off really. Upper...

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Elisabeth Biela

Elisabeth Biela was born in Switzerland in 1917. She trained as a cook and worked in England from the age of 18, returning to Switzerland during the second world war, where she joined the Swiss army....

Read Elisabeth Biela's story

Gary Butler

Gary Butler was born in 1956 in Reading and has lived in the Holloway area since 1989. He lives on Rickthorne Road and is a practice principal at Butler and Hegarty Architects, based on Marlborough...

Read Gary Butler's story

Soren Nielsen

Soren Nielsen was born in Denmark in 1962, and arrived in London in 1988, originally to stay for two weeks. He lives on Kingsdown Road and runs theatre company Scarabeus with his partner Daniela....

Read Soren Nielsen's story

Daniela Essart

Daniela Essart was born in Turin, Italy, in 1961. She moved to London in her twenties and has lived on Kingsdown Road since 1999. Daniela and her partner Soren Nielsen established theatre company...

Read Daniela Essart's story

Anna Streiffert Limerick

Anna Streiffert Limerick was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1966. She came to the Holloway Road area when she moved to the UK in 1992, and currently lives with her family on Kiver Road. “One of...

Read Anna Streiffert Limerick's story

Mary Gibson

Mary Gibson has been head teacher at Yerbury School, Foxham Road, since 1982. Born in Warrington in 1948, she moved to Holloway in 1970 and has lived in the area ever since. “Yerbury School is...

Read Mary Gibson's story

Denis Campbell

Journalist Denis Cambell was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1963. He has lived in London on and off since 1985 and moved into his current home in Fortnam Road in 2005. “I’ve been...

Read Denis Campbell's story

Allen Crouch

Allen Crouch was born in Maidstone, Kent in 1956. As a teenager he became interested in tattooing, and he opened Al’s Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio, 543 Holloway Road, in 1995. “At...

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Vicken Mouradian

Vicken Mouradian was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1965. He came to North London as a teenager and worked in Holloway for many years in the family carpet business. “The Holloway Road, compared to...

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Karowei Dorgu

Born in Burutu, Nigeria in 1958, Karowei Dorgu qualified as a doctor before coming to the UK and retraining as an Anglican priest. He has been the parish priest at St John the Evangelist church,...

Read Karowei Dorgu's story

Hasan Tuncbilek

Hasan Tuncbilek was born in 1960 in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus and came to London in 1979. He lives in Waltham Forest and runs Golden Dry Cleaners at 649 Holloway Road. “I know the area well now,...

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Kate Calvert

Kate Calvert was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1957 and grew up in nearby Tynemouth. She has lived on Hargrave Road since 1981 and chairs the Better Archway Forum, a community organisation working...

Read Kate Calvert's story

Finbar Holian

Finbar Holian was born in Galway, Ireland in 1968. He moved to London when he was 19 and has owned and run The Quays pub at 471 Holloway Road since 2000. “When people came over from Ireland...

Read Finbar Holian's story

Diana Young

Diana Young works at the Archway Herbal Clinic, which is based at the Middlesex University Archway Campus on Highgate Hill. She was born in 1956 in Catterick Camp, an army camp in North Yorkshire,...

Read Diana Young's story
  • Patrick Eve
  • Mary Wash
  • Martin Murray
  • Lillian Cawkell
  • Jonathan Selby
  • John Scott & Charlotte Scott
  • John Roe
  • Joei Silvester
  • Jeremy Deller
  • Jan Tucker
  • Fernanda Sumray
  • Stephanie Smith
  • Born and Bred on BBC Radio London
  • Sampson Sampson
  • James Gray & Louise Vincent
  • Elizabeth Sullivan
  • Kenneth Howard
  • Harry Hare
  • Mathew Dickinson
  • Amy Smith
  • Eleanor Pearce
  • Chris Joseph
  • Chris Coates
  • Tony Sandell
  • Goula Economou
  • Theresa Coyle
  • Alan Bloxham
  • Ellie Rowsell and Sadie Cleary
  • Vinay Chohan
  • David Brett
  • Hak Husein
  • Laurence Evans
  • Clare Furey
  • Ian Bailey
  • Beckett Vester
  • Samir Singh
  • Gary Heather
  • Alexandra Gray
  • Caroline Jones
  • Sharon Sliney
  • Harry Hedges
  • Caitlin Davies
  • Phil Overhead
  • Marian Spall
  • Helen Saunders
  • June Dove
  • Theresa Kiyota Rahman de Swiet
  • Edward Quigley
  • George Bartlett
  • Alexandra Booij
  • Stella Michael
  • Jay Sharma
  • Hadass Armon
  • Narendra Mehta
  • Peter Hall
  • Kevin Molloy
  • Peter Wilson
  • Luis Torres
  • Ali Gul Karagoz
  • Charles Hewitt
  • Danny Simani
  • Angela Reith
  • Benjamin Jacobs
  • Desmond Riley
  • Andrew Turnock
  • Jose de Freitas
  • Harry Spiro
  • Veronica Rochester
  • Frank van der Wens
  • Laila Conteh
  • Paul Roseby
  • Harry Leckstein
  • James Craggs
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Andrew Turton
  • Elisabeth Biela
  • Gary Butler
  • Soren Nielsen
  • Daniela Essart
  • Anna Streiffert Limerick
  • Mary Gibson
  • Denis Campbell
  • Allen Crouch
  • Vicken Mouradian
  • Karowei Dorgu
  • Hasan Tuncbilek
  • Kate Calvert
  • Finbar Holian
  • Diana Young

Illustration: Alison Drewitt

Making Inroads stories

Desmond Riley

Desmond Riley was born in St Kitts in the West Indies in 1960 and came to Islington with his family as a young boy. He founded Islington Link Up, a project for the Afro-Caribbean community based on...

Elisabeth Biela

Elisabeth Biela was born in Switzerland in 1917. She trained as a cook and worked in England from the age of 18, returning to Switzerland during the second world war, where she joined the Swiss army....

Born and Bred stories

Beckett Vester

Beckett Vester was born in 1978 in Hammersmith. He moved to Kentish Town when he was four years old. He has worked as a fundraiser for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at 162 Holloway Road since...

Born and Bred on BBC Radio London

On 26 September 2012, Born and Bred featured on The Robert Elms Show in a programme focusing on Holloway Road. Listen to a clip with Rowan Arts Director Ruth Robinson and project participant Amy...